About US

ASSOSIM a company specializing in customized production of flight and car simulators, attentive to the specific demands of the customers, all completely custom;

Omar Cattaneo from experience as a former pilot and aeronautical maintainer at Alitalia engineering & maintenance, combined with IT / electronic knowledge, can guarantee the design of each simulator by configuring it with the utmostt realism and with the utmost care of the details.
This past experience also enables the training of experienced personnel for the use of our simulators following an in-depth and complete training course not only for the use of the simulator but for complete flight training.

Short presentation:

ASSOSIM is already a provider of simulators for aeronautical engineering institutes, enthusiasts, and flight simulation centers. We have been commissioned as suppliers of Italian aeronautical engineering institutes directly after winning a competition call directly from the Italian Ministry of Education which assessed our competence and the quality of our simulators in relation to the 8 world-renowned companies in the same sector.
This evaluation has given us the task of recognizing unique parameters such as:
Experience in the world of real flying
Unique in the production of custom simulators
Unique in the production of any type of aircraft
Only able to provide UNIVERSAL simulators (we have universal simulators with which you can use a very high number of aircraft with a single simulator)
Possibility to train experienced personnel not only in the use of the simulator but in the various aeronautics sectors
Possibility to create air traffic controllers control tower and /or radar simulators
Remote maintenance of all simulators
High quality production

We have been designing electronic devices for over 30 years.
We combine electronic and computer technology with the passion of the flight, completely completing each simulator in custom on specifics and adapting hardware and software to any customer's need for any type of simulator.

Assosim was born from the deep conviction of its founder Omar Cattaneo to bring the fullest of realism to a technological and virtual support, derived from all the experience gained in real flying. We design and build simulators for cars, trucks, formula one, rally, ships and various types.

We design and realize full motion 2DOF, 3DOF or 6DOF for the movement of all types of simulators.

The construction of the cockpit structure and the mechanical parts are handled on numerical control machines while detail finishing is guaranteed by manual control and machining of each cockpit giving that unique cure for every customization.

The electronic section of each cockpit is guaranteed by the experience in robotics and industrial automation for over 30 years
We personally produce molds and covers of any aircraft or car of our simulators.

Acquired skills:

Flight simulation / car / ship simulation
Pneumatic and hydraulic
Medical equipment